General terms and conditions of sale



The present general conditions of sale define the contractual relations between the incoming agency "Goldenkeys luxury" and the buyer, whether professional or consumer.
Any registration to one of the trips proposed on this site or any purchase of service implies the acceptance without reserve by the buyer of these general conditions which prevail over any other document.

Goldenkeys Luxury is registered under the name of Goldenkeys Luxury LTD 
Our head office is located at 124-128 Fergusson House, City road, London, United Kingdom.

These terms and conditions are governed by United Kingdom law.
Any dispute concerning their interpretation and/or application shall be subject to the United Kingdom courts.




2. Private tours or tailor-made tours & Excursions

Goldenkeys Luxury sets up private holidays and luxury services in tropicals countries, some of which are presented on the website of the agency
To submit a request for a customized program, you must contact the company viathe online contact form, or directly by mail at the following address:

One of ourconcierge will respond to you within 24 hours to provide you with a proposal corresponding to your request or will ask you for additional information if necessary.
This proposal will include information about the trip, its price, and the period of validity of the offer.
After this period, Goldenkeys Luxury reserves the right to establish a new proposal according to the price changes implemented at the time of the new request.
The proposal will be considered as accepted upon receipt of the deposit or the total transfer of the amount mentioned on your invoice, giving acceptance of the general conditions of sale.

The terms of acceptance of proposals remain the same as for a private and tailor-made tour.
If you wish to have personalized extensions before or after your guided tour, please contact one of our consultants in order to establish a complementary personalized proposal in compliance with your request.


2.2 Registration procedures

Any registration, participation, or reservation of one of our service, safari, or excursions is carried out with an official representative or advisor of Goldenkeys Luxury, either by email, telephone, or via our website.
A registration is considered valid and final upon receipt of a deposit as stated in article 2.4.


2.3 Terms of payment

For any registration validation made more than 35 days before the departure date, a deposit of 30% of the total amount of the trip will be required. If your registration is made within 15 days before your departure date, a transfer corresponding to the total amount of the trip must be made to validate the order. In this last case, the reservation of the services relating to the trip will begin only at the time of the reception of the payment, and according to the availabilities generated by the deadlines of validation of this inscription. This deposit will be made by international bank transfer in full upstream, or by Paypal payment (with a 4% fee to be paid by the buyer), on the professional account of our company in Phuket. The transfer of the deposit must be done as quickly as possible, in order to book your services in a timely manner. The availability of the various carriers, guides, and hoteliers is limited and depends on your booking dates.


The total amount remaining is to be paid, without any reminder from our side, at the latest 15 days before the departure date by international bank transfer in full upstream, or by payment via Paypal (with a 4% fee to be paid by the buyer), on the professional account of our company in Phuket.

Any delay or failure to make this payment within the time limit will be considered as a cancellation on the part of the buyer, the terms and conditions of which are set out in article 3.1. Goldenkeys Luxury will not be held responsible in any way for bank charges, transfer errors or amount, transfer fees, or any other transactional problems caused directly or indirectly by you or your banking institution. We also remind you that all bank transfers must be made "full upstream". No retraction period after validation of the order can be granted.

2.4 Invoicing.

As soon as your service/safari/holidays is approved, Goldenkeys Luxury will send you your first invoice by e-mail within 7 days.
A receipt of payment will then be sent to you by email upon receipt of the full amount of the purchase price.




3. Cancellation by the customer.

Any preparation or organization of stays generates internal costs for our company, payments or deposits with villas or hotels, car rental company, hiring of staff and booking of sports and/or cultural activities. In case of cancellation by the client, and depending on the date we are informed, we will be obliged to charge you the amount corresponding to the amount incurred. In case you are forced to cancel your trip, you must inform your insurance company and Goldenkeys Luxury by e-mail as soon as possible. The date of the received e-mail, which will be confirmed by a response e-mail from us, will be defined as the date of cancellation.

Cancellation fees will be charged as listed below and will be billed to the buyer.

More than 30 days before the departure date: the cancellation fee is 30% of the total amount of your invoice including VAT (i.e. the amount of the buyer's deposit)

 Less than 30 days before the departure date

: The cancellation fee is 100% of the total amount of your invoice   including VAT

In addition, no refunds will be made in case of plane delays, no-shows, mechanical problems, weather, accidents,

3.1. Cancellation by the company.

When we are obliged to cancel an activity or a transfer because of the weather or a case of necessity, we cannot refund the part not carried out if it was already paid to the partner. Systematically, we do our utmost so that you can carry out your program by proposing alternatives: another place, another trip, another activity, another date... If this is not convenient for you and no expenses have been incurred, we will reimburse you the full amount of the activity itself.




  4.1 Administrative compliance of travelers

All travel bookings imply a prior verification by the client, or his legal representative, of the validation of his official travel documents. Each traveler must verify that his passport has a minimum validity of 6 months after the completion of his stay.
It is the client's responsibility to verify the compliance of his documents, particularly at the administrative, customs, and health levels, according to his personal situation, his country of residence, and his nationality.
This information can be requested from the appropriate authorities, such as embassies or consulates. A customer, who cannot embark, due to lack of conformity to the standards issued by the authorities, will not be entitled to any refund.

In the same way, any customer who is unable to complete his or her trip due to a violation of Thai law resulting in imprisonment will have his or her trip cancelled and will not be entitled to any refund.

4.2 Accommodations.

It is important to notice that the villa or hotel room reservation is designed for a specific number of people. If you exceed this number on your arrival or during your stay, you run the risk of being refused access or of having the price increased by the owner.

A "voucher" for either a villa or a hotel room implies that you agree to take all necessary measures to ensure that you and your family respect the rules governing the rental. The client will be held responsible for any damage, deterioration, or vandalism that may occur due to the occupation of the premises and/or the participants and/or the staff under his responsibility, both to the movable property and to the decoration and real estate. In case of broken or damaged material in the villa or in the hotel room, the responsibility will be that of the person who booked the villa whether it is in the framework of a program, a tour, or a stay. Financial compensation may be requested.


4.3 Sports and cultural activities

Activities such as diving, rafting, mountain biking, elephant park, or others are performed by carefully selected external providers. We have chosen them for their seriousness and the quality of their services. However, we cannot be held responsible in case of problems during these activities. However, we invite you to send us your comments so that we can make changes to our offers if we feel that there is a serious breach of the standards and ethics of our agency.
Minors will be under the responsibility of an adult with a family member or equivalent.The activities carried out by external service providers are usually supervised by English-speaking instructors (except for diving). These activities take place in groups with clients outside of Goldenkeys Luxury. Finally, we would like to point out that our service providers have taken out a special insurance policy. The schedules of the sports or cultural activities organized by the local service provider are fixed,

depend on a general organization, and cannot be modified in any way. As before any physical activity, we advise you to consult a doctor and have a medical check-up in order to be judged fit to practice sports by obtaining a medical certificate.
In no case will Goldenkeys Luxury be held responsible for your state of health before, during, or after these excursions.


4.3.1 Hiking.

We distinguish a walk from a hike by the number of hours and the difficulty of the exercise, but this remains subjective. For each activity, it is important to evaluate your sporting potential. In no case will Goldenkeys Luxury be held responsible for a withdrawal due to a health problem or other. Goldenkeys Luxury offers jungle and mountain hikes. These activities require you to be properly equipped (sweater, windbreaker, closed shoes) and to be attentive to the instructions of your guide.


4.3.2 Scuba diving.

The dive sites indicated on your program are for information purposes only.
On your first dive, your instructor will check your comfort level underwater and then adjust the dive sites to offer you maximum safety.
He will also take into account the weather conditions and your preferences.

The diving days contain two to three dives per day. The service includes insurance, tanks, dives, supervision by a qualified instructor , and lunch.
If you wish to have the complete equipment, i.e. wetsuit, regulator, fins, mask, lead belt, and vest, a daily rental fee will be charged.
We also recommend that you consult a specialist doctor to verify your aptitude for this type of activity.



As personal insurance is not included in your trip, we advise you to take advantage of the possible benefits of your bank card (prior information of the client with his bank) and/or to take specific insurance.


5.1 Insurance and rental rules


  • Full insurance with a minimum deductible of 3 000 THB and not exceeding 100, 000 THB (depending on the model) in case of damage or accident.

  • This insurance includes theft, civil liability, and guarantees third parties

  • A 24-hour assistance guarantee for any incident except for a flat tire or user negligence (examples: lights left on, lost keys). In the absence of a valid reason, a breakdown service can then be carried out but will be invoiced.

  • We do not charge extra for multiple drivers.In case of inappropriate use (*) of the vehicle, the insurance company reserves the right not to cover the damage caused. driving on the beach, in rough terrain, on inappropriate roads and tracks, ...


5.2 Drivers' commitments


  • You are over 21 years old.

  • You have a valid driver's license from your home country or an international license (highly recommended).

  • You will present a valid passport.

  • In case of non-declaration or false declaration, you expose yourself to the refusal of the insurance coverage in case of an accident.

  • You agree to make any accident report, unless impossible, within 2 hours of the event.


5.3 Return of the vehicle

You will return your vehicle in the same condition as it was rented. An inspection will be made by both parties. In case of damage, missing objects, cigarette burns, etc... the related costs will be at your charge and immediately invoiced.


The fuel level must be the same when you return the vehicle as when you picked it up. If you return the vehicle with a lower fuel level, you will be charged a supplement.

The above rental rules are provided as a guide. The list is not exhaustive. Youroadtrip Company retains the right to modify them at any time and without notice.


6. Special cases.

Goldenkeys Luxury cannot be held responsible for irregularities, cases of emergency, or disturbances that could disrupt, interrupt, or prevent your stay (rain, drought, flooding, construction sites, various events of private or public origin, general cut-off of electricity, telephone, gas, water, strike...).
In the same way, works such as the construction of a building(s) or road(s) which can take place in the vicinity of your hotels or villas during your stay will not be able to be opposed to the agency, which is not the owner or decision-maker with regard to the establishment concerned.
No appeal is possible in such cases. However, if possible and depending on availability, Goldenkeys Luxury will be able to offer you a change, the difference in price being at your expense.
Goldenkeys Luxury is not responsible for any accidents that may occur while using the pool.
In particular, if the travelers are staying with young children, they must ensure their supervision.
The client acknowledges that he/she is not responsible for any accidents to him/herself, his/her family, or guests.

Under no circumstances Goldenkeys Luxury will be held responsible for the loss of personal or professional belongings, or the breakage of equipment, in transportation (bus, plane, boat, or other), in your villa, in hotels, restaurants, or during sports activities.
We, therefore, advise you to be careful and to check before your departure not to forget anything and to use when possible the hotel safe and the transport material with waterproof and secured covers.

As a customer, your complaint should be sent to the following e-mail address: 

This letter must be sent as soon as possible after your return from your trip, accompanied by supporting documents if necessary.
An acknowledgement of receipt will be sent to you when your request is taken into account, and a reply will be sent back to the sender's email address as soon as possible.
Any dispute will be subject to the laws and courts of Thailand.

Special conditions of sale updated on 05-02-2021

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